“In this house of Clay and water,
my heart lies in ruin without you.
Dear soul, please enter this house,
so I can begin to rebuild.”
- Rumi
About Clay

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Ahsan Ansari
Principal Architect

I am a freelance Architect & Interior Designer based by the valley in New York. I create drawings, 3d modelling, and print materials that communicate clearly achieve your goals, and look fantastic at the same time.

He set up his independent practice seventeen years ago and his array of work ranges from urban residences, weekend retreats to retail spaces and offices. The essence of his work is based on a set of intangibles: intuition, emotion, shared memories & experience

Ahsan Ansari
Principal Architect
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This is not a garden of colorful flowers, neat borders and gurgling fountains: it is a civilized wilderness, an assemblage of tropical plants of different scale and texture, a composition of green on green, an ever changing play of light and shade, a succession of hidden surprises and sudden vistas, a landscape of memories and ideas.
-Geoffrey Bawa

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